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Empowering Magick With Wicca

When you talk about Magick and Prosperity, one of the belief and magick systems that instantly come to mind is Wicca. Wicca is one of the most empowering belief systems of our time. It brings an eclectic blend of ritualistic activities centered around different gods, goddesses and general integration of nature as a whole. Despite various misconceptions of what some have heard on national news, Hollywood movies, or read in newspapers – Wicca is a very harmonious, balanced and peaceful way of life. That is what my intent is to show with the book Empowerment With Wicca.  Being a Wiccan encompasses being in deep appreciate in watching sunrise or sunset, being in the presence of Mother Earth’s nature – planting seeds in the fall, seeing it blossom during the sign of Aries – Wicca is natural magick.

Empowerment With Wicca

In my book, I explore, for the beginner, the spiritual system of Witchcraft. We’ll explore how this is a system that emphasizes free will and thought of you, the individual. How it teaches responsibility. Importance of cycles of nature. All of these elements are important when it comes to performing spells.  Learn how to hone your craft for wisdom, creativity, harmony and love. Empowerment with Wicca is a unique look at how I was first introduced to the wonderful world magick and witchcraft.

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