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Servitor Magick

Servitor Magick Explained

Servitors are an incredible addition to any chaos magick practice.  Servitors are able to serve as the permission slip needed to break through the limitations of one’s consciousness.   They also serve as a great reminder that the Universe is here in support of us.  We are part of the Universe and all the energy in possess in all of it’s infinite nature.   Servitors can be created by our consciousness to aid us in whatever it is that we feel is important to us.  This is (chaos) magick in action.   Because I’ve received so many questions on Servitors – based on what I’ve touched on about them in several of my books – I’ve decided to release an entire manual on Servitor use.

Servitor Magick

Inside of this manual is information and methods for the beginner, techniques to implement for one with somewhat experienced use and real examples for even the most experienced of practitioners. Remember, we’re always learning. When it comes to magick, reality, creation, this universe – it’s all – just like a painting and all of it’s elements – as we add to the canvas, also do we learn more about each other, our world, and most of all, ourselves. Open your world to Servitor Magick.

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Powerful Practical Magick

Who is Oliver Hart?

My intent is to present the tools to help you create the most powerful practical magick in the Universe. After all, it’s your Universe, anyway.

I grew up in Visalia California and was lucky enough to graduate from UCLA with a degree in philosophy. Along the way I ended up studying all sorts of paranormal metaphysical topics ranging from UFO’s to the tarot. Then I ended up getting very interested in the western mystical tradition known as the Kabbalah and eventually moved into the practical aspects of the Kabbalah commonly known as magick.

By that time I was living in Hanford, California and I began teaching classes down there after I was studying myself for many years. That’s when I began writing the books Magick and Prosperity and Magick And Empowerment which are based on the classes that I taught down there. That has enabled me to literally travel all over the world and I am really excited about it.

Through my experiences, experiments, and escapades, I will continue to share my knowledge and experience. Read about section of site to read about my motivation behind chaos magick