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Magickal Friends In High Places

A few people have contacted the site and emailed me about what our next magick and prosperity project will be. While everyone’s been nice and busy with the prosperity books already released there’s no limit to the amount of magick or the types of methods that one can incorporate at any given time. Me, myself – I’m always fine-tuning, experimenting, mixing, matching – that’s what being a magician is all about. Living the life Magick style, every single day, 24/7, every minute of every day.

Well, the next book will be about Magickal Friends In High Places. That’s not the name of the book, but with that premise, you have an idea on what it’s all about. This is all about those Angels, Deities, Guides, Helpers, Servitors and others that have proven, time and time again, to aid our magickal practice in empowering and strong ways.

In addition to some beings that you might have heard about in other realms, I will be also sharing with you the great and loving beings that we my occult group, Magick and Prosperity, have met, had successes with, and continue to enjoy the benevolent assistance of.

I don’t want to give away too much here – but it will be a wide range of helpers, rituals and examples for you to take and to make your own. What better place than here – what better place than now – for powerful (chaos) magick!

Magick Tools

I am really getting some amazing feedback of prosperity to 30 Days Of Magick

One of the things that most people found comforting (and suprising) about it was that it was not neccessary to buy hundreds of dollars of tools, gadgets, talismans and the like to get on with the book. That’s the beauty of Chaos Magick. You can chose what you wish to use, and discard that which does not resonate with you – creating the prosperity that you are seeking.

I just want to make something clear, though. There’s nothing WRONG with using tools for your magick craft. Some members of our group use tools all the time. Others do not. That’s the whole point of Magick And Prosperity. Some people need tools. Some people don’t. Sometimes, in my classes, I share ritual experience including tools – other, the only tools consists of representations of each of the elements (candle, water, gems, air), and my journal.

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So the point here is to always remind yourself that there is not any “one” way to do anything. Additionally, there’s no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do something. What may be right for her, may not be right for him. The key is this: If you see something that you’ve adopted that seems to ‘work’ for others, then accept that it can work for you and watch the magick happen, literally. If there are changes that you need to make – then do so. Feel free to share some of your experiences with us, as well. We are all students of the Universe, always learning, always evolving, always creating….magick.

My Magickal Life

The first truly ‘successful’ magick ritual that I performed happened when I was about 10 years old.  As you might have read in the about section, I had no skewed point of reference point of reality, so I always believe that my imagination was the way.

So, I thought what I was doing was nothing but normal.   Having being brought up, essentially in a magickal group, family and social circle, this magick was just a way of life.  Some might say that my childhood was lacking without a TV, a radio, newspapers and the like – but I’m not really sure about that. I’d like to say I preserved the method of using my powerful imagination.

Anyway, I experimented (or played) and experiment with a plethora of magickal paradigms and methods – hence my attraction to Crowley, and eventually Chaos Magick.
By the time I was 34 – something ‘clicked’ and I got really good.  In a way, I didn’t realize how good I was, but my life literally turned magickal in what seemed was a within a blink of an eye.  Now, after 30+ more years magick is my way of life.

I do other things too.  I am a published author (under another name), avid tennis player (not famous) and a lover of animals. And you know what – all of the above is part of my life as a practitioner of magick.  I also teach occult classes throughout the country as well – as I wrote elsewhere, it allows me to travel the world – one of my dreams – and another element of my magick.

I’ve created Magick and Prosperity and all of my eBooks to share my magick with the world. Not all of it. Just enough to help empower lives in significant ways.

Let’s give Chaos Magick the credit it deserves as a powerful tool to creating the life of your dreams.  With Chaos Magick, I’ve been able to create a few powerful methods that make the process work and work fast. So, I’m sharing many of them in my books, and in my future books to come.

People become attracted to magick, or specifically Chaos Magick, for many different reasons.  Some want the love of their life. Others want the curse of their life.  Many use magick for material gains. Whatever your path is fine and perfect for you. As a magician, there is no judgment on another person’s chosen path.  Whatever you chose – just know that you will get heavily involved.  This will result in you fine-tuning your reality (instead of just only study). Chaos Magick is hands-on magick.

My intent is for Magick and Prosperity and everything that you find in my books will assist you in beginning your magick activities.   According to many, some of the things that I share will also be useful for a long term practitioner of the craft as well.   For everyone, I aim to keep it fresh, new and empowering.