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Magick Gods And Goddsses

Well, I’ve spent the last month with my Chaos Magick student and friend, Joel King, assisting with the writing of Magick Gods And Goddesses. This special combination of Angels, Deities, Gods and Godesses have been specially selected based on experiences and rituals done within our Magickal group. While all the beings are of different cultural origins – they need not be used in any specific manner or special way. Magick Gods and Goddesses simply introduces the readers to several Deities often used in different Magick circles. We provide chaos magick (or just MAGICKAL!) methods of connecting and rituals that have worked for us. Where you decide to take it thereafter is completely up to you.

Magick Gods And Goddesses

You will be able to connect with them immediately. Some deities may be familiar to you. Others may not. The intent of this book is to introduce you to them and give you a starting point for your magickal endeavours to improve your life. This is regardless of if you are focused on Chaos Magick. Additionally, working with our Rubik’s Cube Of Gods And Goddesses is also a great way to help others. Enjoy exporing the limitless possibilities that magick provides!

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