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Power Of The Mind

This is a very cool music video on the power of the mind by various pioneers of the new thought and chaos magick belief system. Contains audio from big proponent of Chaos Magick, Lon Milo Duquette, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard and more.

We are here on earth to cause impact to the lives of others, to learn and to develop ourselves and truly explore the power of the mind. It is through that chaos magick; The power of the mind, that we are able to achieve this. Chaos Magick is simply using belief as a tool to enhance your magick. ¬†With time you will start to notice positive changes that will later on turn to be major achievement. This can only be described by one word – MAGICK– causing things to change out of will. It’s stretching your consciousness. Expanding your world. Uncovering the power of the mind. Some may call it the Law Of Attraction the Law of energy, the Golden Rule, As Above-So Below – whatever the reasoning is – it’s all the same – expanding your consciousness and creating a wonderful life experience.

It is after these achievements that you will also notice changes around you. Those close to you will start to share knowledge that will help to develop your magick, not only for your own benefit but also theirs and others. Do your work well and they will appreciate you and approve of your doings. This will make you a better person and ease your life – this is the Golden rule of the Law. And in this way, you’ll be able to show others the power of the mind.

You can have amazing experiences like Neville Goddard (1905-1972) did (featured in the video). He lived by magick, a simple life but very influential. He always pulled huge crowds that filled the auditoriums whenever he gave lectures.

Living A Life Of Magick

Neville Goddard was in every sense a magician. He never called it Magick, or the Law Of Attraction, or any name for that matter – he simply referred to our own magick tool being our own wonderful human imagination.

What should one expect when they live a life of magick. Does this mean that you’ll have no challenges and will be swimming in a sea of money, glitz, glamour?

No. Of course not. We are on Earth to learn, develop and evolve – all of which would not be possible if we were perfect in all that we do.

However, magick can certainly help ‘ease’ the process. In this way, magick will make those unexpected twists and turns lead to pleasant surprises and empowering revelations. Magick can turn that question mark that you have – straighten it out – and turn it into an exclamation point! Now THAT’S magick!

So, what should one expect – in a tangible and practical way – when using magick? Well, for one, it does depend on your initial conditions. But, there’s plenty more about this. When you first start out, you will see small signs that your magick is working. You will see subtle changes – changes from others, your circumstances, your energy – changes in yourself.

Then, you’ll notice QUANTUM LEAPS. This is what Neville Goddard experienced. You’ll notice BIG changes. And what’s great about this when it happens, is that you’ll see it as a breakthrough – describable only by calling it magick.

The most important thing is to know that it’s working for YOU. Don’t seek the approval of others. If you have a huge breakthrough in health, family, love, and/or finances – and you’d want to attribute to a magickal ritual or act that you’ve done – THEN DO SO!

Seek no one else’s approval. Share with those who are ready to share with your good fortune. Share with them not to show of – but to lead by example. This is you GIVING BACK to the Universe – this is you GIVING BACK to your You-Universe.

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Then, in another magickal way, you’ll notice that those around you – will be of like-minds – and will SHARE WITH YOU things that you can learn and apply to your magickal craft.

One of the greatest “magicians” of our time was Neville Goddard. He was mentored by mystic, and thus then taught others how to live a life of magick every day.

Neville Goddard takes away the dogma of religion – and pointed all of life phenoma to originating in the realm of your Imagination. Quite literally.

He believe that there was NO secondary causes in the world – it all comes down to your imagination. Thought.

He was before this new “New Age” stuff. Did not consider himself a ‘guru’ – and had thousands attend his weekly lectures through the mid 1900s.

Know that you can to apply magick to your life at anytime, anywhere. You don’t always need an altar – you don’t always need candles and/or other tools.

For the magick is within your very own wonderful human Imagiantion. That’s magick.