Servitor Update


And so, the Servitor “Masked Train Superstar”, which was covered in my book Magick And Empowerment , continues to really make his presence felt.  In just the 2nd day of the week, upon traveling to my office in the morning, I had to wait no longer than 50 seconds for a Train once arriving on the platform.  What’s even more amazing is that on the return home yesterday – again – I had to no more than 50 seconds. The train actually arrived JUST as I approached the platform.

Now, of course, one may say, well “That would’ve happened, anyway”  

That is why, my friends, we keep records in Chaos Magick.  We need to compare and contrast, tweak and twist.  Week by week, and day by day. And so, with regard to Masked Train Superstar, he is indeed a superstar. 2 days this week. 2 clear differences with regard to my commuting.

I did tweak his program a little today, to add getting me a seat on the train each time, even if it is crowded.  More later!