Quantum Physics

What is Quantum Physics?

Quantum Physics and the Reality around Us

The Hindu philosopher, Shankara once said:” All things from Brahma the creator, down to a single blade of grass…are…simply appearances and not real”.

This was said centuries ago. And now, the recent developments in Quantum Physics have created a storm (of subatomic particles, that is!) which is being felt by the scientists all over the world.

Many advocates of Quantum Physics have agreed upon the discovery that the physical reality around us, which looks so materially physical, is not physical at all!!! These scientists have actually come up with evidences to maintain the underlying connections between the material reality and our state of consciousness and have tried to prove that our universe is being governed by non-physical properties. Hence, a twist is added to the existing laws of physics and Shankara’s philosophy of the universe being just an illusion, gains credibility. The spotlight has been turned to our consciousness and its effects on reality around us as opposed to the reality ‘around’ being the basis of creation.

The Idea of Quantum Physics: In the simplest version of Quantum Physics, all atoms of all physical states of matter…solid, liquid and gas…are made up of packets of energy called “quanta”. These packets of energy are in continuous spin; vibrating all the time and continuously radiating out unique waves of energy. Nature of these energy waves is peculiar to the properties of atoms emitting them.

Quantum Physics and Reality-The Connection: As we possess a mixed blend of all three states of matter, then according to Quantum Physics, we are also made up of these energy packets. These energy packets are also on a constant spin and move, radiating out our very own, unique waves of energy. That’s a pretty startling deduction of Quantum Mechanics!                                               Therefore, it can be safely said, contrarily to Newton’s Laws, that this material universe does not comprise of any physical properties: instead, it’s a gigantic & vibrating web of energy waves.

Quantized Reality: With the idea of energy web established, we can now move on a little farther on our track of energy web and reality. It is actually our inner self which has created this energy web around us and we are its minions…just taking order from it. Our inner self makes us perceive things. This inner self allows us to create our own reality through these interconnecting waves of energy. Just imagine for a second that everything and everyone around you, is being controlled by unseen strings. And the control port of these strings is in the hands of your inner self. Whichever string it pulls, that thought, person or object comes to you. It means you can very easily control the traffic of your thoughts, dreams, people around you and your circumstances in life.

Quantum Physics lays much stress on observation as observing a phenomenon closely can actually cause occurrence of that phenomena. In reality, if we keep imagining an event to occur or a mood to vanish, it can be actually manifested. Thoughts and dreams, with their very own packets of energy are made strong as you focus your attention on them repeatedly; Thus then, they are gaining energy and momentum …become real before you.

According to this new twist in Quantum Physics… our thoughts, dreams, aspirations emotions…whatever that is going on in us, is a vibrating energy wave. It means that any of these feelings can be suppressed and transformed or disconnected from our energy web by a conscious effort of our inner self.  We can get rid off any unpleasant mood by our own will or inner self.  And at the same time we can attract anything we desire, any person we want to be with just by a conscious, focused effort of our inner self. Here we can see Magick, Law Of Attraction and Quantized -Reality supplementing and complementing each other very strongly.

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