Magick…The Brighter Side of a Dark Concept

That’s Shakespeare’s idea of magick and that is exactly what is brought to the imagery of most of us: bubbling cauldrons, weird chants, evil spirits drooling in spooky smoky air, controlled by spookier wizards! But have you ever given time and thought to this concept? Let’s do it together and dig deep into this controversial topic of all times.

The concept and practice of magick has been present since the times of our very early ancestors and maintains its active role and importance throughout the globe, even today. Although being in practice on a large scale, magick has always been looked upon by most of us as a dark, suspicious activity and is blanketed under a thick fold of myths and confusions.

Magic-The Term and Act:
The word magic and magick refers to the same meaning and have been used interchangeably in written accounts. Other words, recorded in historical write-ups are: majik, majic and majick. So, there’s no difference in the terms “magic” or “magick”. But “magick” is specifically used for the occult art in practice.

Excluding the tricks of an illusionist performing on stage, the term “magick” has fairly wider parameters that can ever be imagined. Majick is an extremely high skill which enables a person to channelize and control, the metaphysical powers that reside within him. But a simplistic way of defining the term is: Majick is the ability to manipulate your surroundings through some supernatural powers or through powers of your mind.

Majick is an art and this skill can be developed and mastered through learning and practice and the whole process of learning this skill requires a lot of time, patience and dedication by the learner…the Magus to be.

Types of Magic:
Magick has been categorized into many types depending on the purpose and methods of practice. It is High Magick if it aims to have spiritual effects and purpose. And if it is concerned with practical applications like healing, fertility or worldly riches, then it is Low Magick.

There’s another angle to this categorization of magick. One of the well known broad categories is the Ceremonial Magick which, with ritualistic purposes, aims at self improvement. Another type is practical or Folk Magick. It is the most commonly used type among the masses of underdeveloped communities and deals with healing, locating lost items, love problems, increasing harvests and the likewise. Then we have the Black Magick, the not so well famed of all the types because of the problems and harms it is known to have created for others.

The Power Of The Magus:
Used for either healing purposes, personal improvements or for broader spiritual gains, magick essentially depends on the ability of the Magus to focus at the power that resides within and outside his being, and use it effectively to produce desired change.
The power that resides within may be called the “inner self”, “will power “or “personal power”. This power is present in each and every one of us and is the basis of our physical and spiritual existence. What makes a Magus different from an ordinary man is that he is able to channelize this power, control it and direct it towards a target.

The power of the Magus works in collaboration with the power of the things in the surroundings. Everything around us like fire, water, stone, etc possesses its own power which is being radiated all the time. It is the job of the Magus to harness and control all these vibes during the course of a magickal ritual. When power and energy is controlled and released by the Magus (or any person), it is returned back to him, multiplied three times. Wow! What an incredible phenomenon!

We all have our personal perspective of the philosophy of magick. Some of us attribute a dark side to it and others romanticize it to greater heights. But I think (on a very personal note indeed) that we all are practicing it unconsciously, on a very low scale. Isn’t it about controlling and harnessing your inner power, synchronizing it with the vibes of the outer world and focusing hard to bring to about a desired outcome, sometimes within us and sometimes in the surroundings. This is what magick is all about.
And when, according to Law Of Attraction, as within, so without; The two concepts seem to have overlapping philosophies and can be of great help to attain self improvement. And with this hopeful note, we have broken the cauldron which has been bubbling since ages!

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