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Power Of The Mind

This is a very cool music video on the power of the mind by various pioneers of the new thought and chaos magick belief system. Contains audio from big proponent of Chaos Magick, Lon Milo Duquette, Napoleon Hill, Neville Goddard and more.

We are here on earth to cause impact to the lives of others, to learn and to develop ourselves and truly explore the power of the mind. It is through that chaos magick; The power of the mind, that we are able to achieve this. Chaos Magick is simply using belief as a tool to enhance your magick.  With time you will start to notice positive changes that will later on turn to be major achievement. This can only be described by one word – MAGICK– causing things to change out of will. It’s stretching your consciousness. Expanding your world. Uncovering the power of the mind. Some may call it the Law Of Attraction the Law of energy, the Golden Rule, As Above-So Below – whatever the reasoning is – it’s all the same – expanding your consciousness and creating a wonderful life experience.

It is after these achievements that you will also notice changes around you. Those close to you will start to share knowledge that will help to develop your magick, not only for your own benefit but also theirs and others. Do your work well and they will appreciate you and approve of your doings. This will make you a better person and ease your life – this is the Golden rule of the Law. And in this way, you’ll be able to show others the power of the mind.

You can have amazing experiences like Neville Goddard (1905-1972) did (featured in the video). He lived by magick, a simple life but very influential. He always pulled huge crowds that filled the auditoriums whenever he gave lectures.

Living A Life Of Magick

Neville Goddard was in every sense a magician. He never called it Magick, or the Law Of Attraction, or any name for that matter – he simply referred to our own magick tool being our own wonderful human imagination.

What should one expect when they live a life of magick. Does this mean that you’ll have no challenges and will be swimming in a sea of money, glitz, glamour?

No. Of course not. We are on Earth to learn, develop and evolve – all of which would not be possible if we were perfect in all that we do.

However, magick can certainly help ‘ease’ the process. In this way, magick will make those unexpected twists and turns lead to pleasant surprises and empowering revelations. Magick can turn that question mark that you have – straighten it out – and turn it into an exclamation point! Now THAT’S magick!

So, what should one expect – in a tangible and practical way – when using magick? Well, for one, it does depend on your initial conditions. But, there’s plenty more about this. When you first start out, you will see small signs that your magick is working. You will see subtle changes – changes from others, your circumstances, your energy – changes in yourself.

Then, you’ll notice QUANTUM LEAPS. This is what Neville Goddard experienced. You’ll notice BIG changes. And what’s great about this when it happens, is that you’ll see it as a breakthrough – describable only by calling it magick.

The most important thing is to know that it’s working for YOU. Don’t seek the approval of others. If you have a huge breakthrough in health, family, love, and/or finances – and you’d want to attribute to a magickal ritual or act that you’ve done – THEN DO SO!

Seek no one else’s approval. Share with those who are ready to share with your good fortune. Share with them not to show of – but to lead by example. This is you GIVING BACK to the Universe – this is you GIVING BACK to your You-Universe.

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Then, in another magickal way, you’ll notice that those around you – will be of like-minds – and will SHARE WITH YOU things that you can learn and apply to your magickal craft.

One of the greatest “magicians” of our time was Neville Goddard. He was mentored by mystic, and thus then taught others how to live a life of magick every day.

Neville Goddard takes away the dogma of religion – and pointed all of life phenoma to originating in the realm of your Imagination. Quite literally.

He believe that there was NO secondary causes in the world – it all comes down to your imagination. Thought.

He was before this new “New Age” stuff. Did not consider himself a ‘guru’ – and had thousands attend his weekly lectures through the mid 1900s.

Know that you can to apply magick to your life at anytime, anywhere. You don’t always need an altar – you don’t always need candles and/or other tools.

For the magick is within your very own wonderful human Imagiantion. That’s magick.


Servitor Magick

Servitor Magick Explained

Servitors are an incredible addition to any chaos magick practice.  Servitors are able to serve as the permission slip needed to break through the limitations of one’s consciousness.   They also serve as a great reminder that the Universe is here in support of us.  We are part of the Universe and all the energy in possess in all of it’s infinite nature.   Servitors can be created by our consciousness to aid us in whatever it is that we feel is important to us.  This is (chaos) magick in action.   Because I’ve received so many questions on Servitors – based on what I’ve touched on about them in several of my books – I’ve decided to release an entire manual on Servitor use.

Servitor Magick

Inside of this manual is information and methods for the beginner, techniques to implement for one with somewhat experienced use and real examples for even the most experienced of practitioners. Remember, we’re always learning. When it comes to magick, reality, creation, this universe – it’s all – just like a painting and all of it’s elements – as we add to the canvas, also do we learn more about each other, our world, and most of all, ourselves. Open your world to Servitor Magick.

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Ask Oliver – Servitor Magick Update

Every now and again, I get questions submitted through the website for information as to how my Servitors are doing. A little inquiry into Servitor Magick is always welcome. First, any questions you have about anything, anywhere – chaos magick related or otherwise – you can email me here at  Besides answering you, I’ll also feature the question, if applicable, here on the site.

So quite a few people have asked me about my Servitors and how they are doing. It’s no secret that I love using Servitors. I love my Servitors. I’ll be writing more on them in the near future. As most of you know, who have read Magick And Prosperity and Magick And Empowerment – I have indeed shared some of my Servitor experiments in those books.


For now, here’s a quick update.


Kensuki Servitor – Kensuke is the Head Servitor. He’s in charge of all other Servitors. He ensures that they carry out their tasks, with honour and as desired. He is fed by thinking of it, as well as thoughts of appreciation. He’s also charged with a specific music tune as well as a specific mantra. He is linked in line with my will which gives him a loyalty rate of 100%. This prevents the Servitor from ‘going rogue’ as some others have often worried about.



Servitor Li – Servitor Lee has been assigned to help with Magickal happenings, like helping with Rituals, Sigil creation, accuracy of desired manifestations, and generally anything having to do with magickal procedure. He is fed by thinking of it, as well as thoughts of appreciation. He’s also charged with a specific music tune. He is linked in line with my will which gives him a loyalty rate of 100%. This prevents the Servitor from ‘going rogue’ as some others have often worried about.

To say my magickal craft has improved since Servitor Li’s creationg would be an understatement! The creation of Servitor Li has helped me become a Complete Magickian. A complete reality physician.



Servitor Phillip – Phillip is a most interesting Servitor because he was manifested at the suggestion of one of my Sirius guides. Feeding, charge and duration remain the same of course. Phillip is assigned to properly ASSIGN energy to situations in line with intent. This may be a concept new to some, not to tall. It goes along with the idea that the result that we get from situations comes from our definitions of it. The “cause” is actually due to our definition of it, and not inherently because of the “cause” itself. Sometimes the Ego-structure can get “lost” in emotion and negatively define situation. Well, Phillip helps with that.


Servitor Magnus

Servitor Magnus – Servitor Magnus has been assigned to help with finances. Feeding/charging processes are the same as the above. We follow the same guidline when creating Servitors. Same type of charge, make sure that they are in line with my will. Duration is as desired.  The basis of this was to incorporate proper flow of monetary energy not only for those around me – but those connected to me in any way – in positive, wholesome, charitable ways. In ways that will serve as all. This serves as a way to heal (toxic) relationships. Seeing the higher picture. Working very well. Took a positive turn 3 days after creation.
Servitor Wright – Servitor Wright, who has the same feed/charge features of my other Servitors, helps with my writing ventures. Again – profound improvement since activation of Mr. Wright.
There are some other Servitors in the works, but those are the main ones for now.

Magick Gods And Goddsses

Well, I’ve spent the last month with my Chaos Magick student and friend, Joel King, assisting with the writing of Magick Gods And Goddesses. This special combination of Angels, Deities, Gods and Godesses have been specially selected based on experiences and rituals done within our Magickal group. While all the beings are of different cultural origins – they need not be used in any specific manner or special way. Magick Gods and Goddesses simply introduces the readers to several Deities often used in different Magick circles. We provide chaos magick (or just MAGICKAL!) methods of connecting and rituals that have worked for us. Where you decide to take it thereafter is completely up to you.

Magick Gods And Goddesses

You will be able to connect with them immediately. Some deities may be familiar to you. Others may not. The intent of this book is to introduce you to them and give you a starting point for your magickal endeavours to improve your life. This is regardless of if you are focused on Chaos Magick. Additionally, working with our Rubik’s Cube Of Gods And Goddesses is also a great way to help others. Enjoy exporing the limitless possibilities that magick provides!

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Magickal Friends In High Places

A few people have contacted the site and emailed me about what our next magick and prosperity project will be. While everyone’s been nice and busy with the prosperity books already released there’s no limit to the amount of magick or the types of methods that one can incorporate at any given time. Me, myself – I’m always fine-tuning, experimenting, mixing, matching – that’s what being a magician is all about. Living the life Magick style, every single day, 24/7, every minute of every day.

Well, the next book will be about Magickal Friends In High Places. That’s not the name of the book, but with that premise, you have an idea on what it’s all about. This is all about those Angels, Deities, Guides, Helpers, Servitors and others that have proven, time and time again, to aid our magickal practice in empowering and strong ways.

In addition to some beings that you might have heard about in other realms, I will be also sharing with you the great and loving beings that we my occult group, Magick and Prosperity, have met, had successes with, and continue to enjoy the benevolent assistance of.

I don’t want to give away too much here – but it will be a wide range of helpers, rituals and examples for you to take and to make your own. What better place than here – what better place than now – for powerful (chaos) magick!