My Magickal group is one that’s been together for over 100 years.

Magick And Prosperity (Magia atque prosperitatis decretum)

Luckily for me, it was what I grew up surrounded by. I was born into it.  With memories of powerful magick rituals going as far back as my Great Grandfather, this was my support group. This was my news, my television, my entertainment, my doctor, my advisor, my teacher, my school, my playground, my cinema, my box office hit – these were my reference points.

In this day and age, we are bombarded with so many reference points, as we (The M.A.P) like to call them. As a side effect, most are distracted from their own magickal power – something innate, something within.  For this reason, my group and I have decided to step forward and share some of what we’ve learned over the century.

Our group consists of 16 members.   Most consider us occultists, but to us, this isn’t secret knowledge. This is universal  knowledge.  Over the years, we’ve experimented, refined, retooled, revamped and reassessed our methods. After all, as we all know, experience is the best teacher.

As part of our intent to extend what we’ve learned, I became a teacher and continue to do that, to this day.  I’ve decided to be the communication specialist and share what I teach in my classes, with you – the fellow  magick seeker – to create the life that you want – the magick life.

I’ve done many things over my time and am starting to get recognized by some people who notice my teaching (and writing) style. That is fine.  Either way, it’s not the messenger, but the message that is the focal point here.

So to you, I say welcome – for you are the honourary (or honorary, depending on what frequency on the globe you are), magickal 17th member of Magick And Prosperity.

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